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Shabbat Sha-what?!?! #3

Everyday this week felt like Groundhog Day. But then Shabbat arrives tonight and I feel like it came so quickly.

How does this happen?

Does anyone else feel that way about this week?

So here's a question: Who is faring best in your family with quarantining?

The successful quarantining award in my little family definitely goes to our kids (no offense to Evon). They seem to be doing "just fine." They don't care about having to go get COVID tests, because the little guy was exposed at school. They seem to be trying really hard with their classwork. They don't seem phased that we seriously limited screen time with new rules this week. They didn't seem to care that the wind storm earlier in the week destroyed our electric lines, and our house was REALLY cold for 48 hours.

I don't want to make it seem like they are perfect little superhero children...Because they also have almost killed each other, almost started fires, threw massive fits, threw a raw egg on the floor to be "funny," and miss their family and friends terribly.

I think this speaks to children's resiliency. They are able to adapt and be "just fine" with so much. It's like they are wired to grow and change with different environmental and occupational stimuli all the time. The whole "COV" doesn't change that. Their places, spaces, and social interactions are always in flux, with or without COV. And then their meaningful activities are always shifting based on pieces outside of their control. Maybe kids are just better at finding their flow.

May we all find peace and wholeness (and channel some of our children's resiliency and strength) during these slow days and fast weeks.

Shabbat Shalom

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2 commentaires

You are so spot on! They’ve got this!


Loved this. We can all learn so much from them, how to be flexible and Resilient. We have all experienced such disappointments and they continue to smile and give great hugs. Such good boys, doing their school work and doing the very best they can. My heart bursts with love for those little dudes! 💕❤️😘😍

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