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Play Matters Enrichment Series

This inclusive caregiver involved preschool meetup group is designed to give parents/caregivers additional tools to support their child’s development in an age appropriate manner. The goal of this enrichment group is to share age appropriate developmental skills and model what different developmentally appropriate learning activities for the 1.5-4 year old preschool age group can look like. During this meet up the facilitator will model how to engage in your child’s play to help them think, process and learn more about the activities they are already interested in.


This meetup group will provide a place for children and caregivers to engage in inclusive, neuro-affirming activities and sensory play that is a vital part of development, and will allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the process and help take the guesswork, prep and mess out of the learning process for caregivers


In addition this playgroup will provide a community for caregivers to offer support amongst one another, a place to share resources and ideas, and have social opportunities to bring this population of children and caregivers together. 

Sample Daily Routine

  1. Welcome 

    • Check in

      • Caregiver/Child Sign In

      • Put belongings away

      • ​Space for kids to transition to play

  2. Area Set Up with stations for the day 

    • Ideally 3-5 stations that are easily accessible

      • Sensory Station

      • Building Station

      • Books and Literacy Station

      • Art Station

      • Movement/Outdoors Station

  3. Transition to cleaning up

  4. Song/Story Time/Movement ​

  5. Group Activity/Scaled Down Stations

    • Specific skill of the day art activity that can be done all together

    • Additionally a smaller station set up of target toys, related to focus of the day

  6. Group Snack

    • Wash Hands

    • Sit at Table

    • Setting Table Space

    • Introducing the Food of The Day

    • Cleaning Up

  7. Clean Up/Goodbyes 

    • Song

    • Sign out-both parent/child

    • Gather belongings from designated space/buckets

    • Transition to home

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