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New Fall Prevention Series

Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking? Do you worry about falling? Have you fallen or know someone who has in the past year? 

US Falls Statistics

  • Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults

  • 1 in 4 Americans aged 65+ fall every year

  • Older adults who have fallen have twice the chance of falling again 

  • Falls are the most common cause of hip fractures and traumatic brain injury in older adults

  • Falls account for over 3 million ED visits per year

Falls do not have to be a normal part of aging. Studies show that older adults who have been assessed for falls and have taken action to prevent falls have fewer fall-related hospitalizations.  

Occupational therapists work with older adults who have experienced falls, who are afraid of falling, and who want to avoid falls. We identify and assess a wide range of risk factors, from those that cannot be changed such as age or vision to those that can be changed such as trip hazards or unsafe habits.  We then work with people to modify behaviors, environments and to develop strength, balance, flexibility and skills to reduce the risk of falls.  

This 5 class series will cover topics related to 

  • Risk factors

  • Staying Active: physically, cognitively, and socially

  • Creating a Safe Home

  • Being Safe Away from Home

  • Falls in relation to Feet, Footwear and Clothing

  • Managing your Health

  • Know your Medication

  • If You Fall – What is next?

Join us January 10th thru Feb 7th at the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center. from 1-3.

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