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Occupational Therapy: Caregiver Training

Are you facing difficulties of supporting someone living with dementia or receiving hospice care?

​Do you provide care for someone recently diagnosed with a new mental or physical challenge?

Are you supporting someone who has recently been in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility?

Summit Therapy Solutions provides one-on-one training for caregivers. We can assess your individual needs and provide you with information, skills and techniques to make it easier for you to provide a quality level of care with greater ease and confidence.

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Caregiver Training - What we can do for you!

The path to health and well-being is intricately linked to participating in daily occupations. Occupational therapy focuses on enabling clients to maximize their capacity to participate in life activities that are important and meaningful to them, to promote overall health and wellness. Occupational therapy practitioners facilitate clients’ abilities to adapt and organize their daily occupations or activities related to self-care, home management, community participation, education, work, and/ or leisure into daily routines to prevent and minimize dysfunction, promote and develop a healthy lifestyle, and facilitate adaptation and recovery from injury, disease, or developmental challenges. 


What does that ACTUALLY mean to you? Well, as you are working to help provide care we can help offer possible solutions for helping you and your loved ones better manage daily tasks. 

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