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WHOA! Heading down the road to teach our children DIGITALLY....

Is anyone else freaking out? I don't think it matters where you live, your child's education will look different this Fall 2020. Are you concerned about helping your child(ren) succeed? The number one factor we can control, as parents, is setting up a consistent routine. And, sadly, summer is coming to that time.....when NOW is a great day to start. Or maybe tomorrow.....but definitely NOT the next day.

Commit to starting a routine for your kids. Pick one thing you can make sure your kid(s) can do every morning until school starts (maybe be more diligent about brushing teeth, read two pages, eat a balanced breakfast, etc.) Not sure how or what to do, call or email me and we can decide together what may work for your family! This is the exact type of thing that occupational therapists can help your family do.

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