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What are you wearing?

Traditional occupational therapists (if there is such a thing) spend a lot of time helping people get dressed. It's a basic activity of daily living, which is an OT's "jam." A task that takes a fair amount of activity tolerance to get the job done, sensory integration to feel comfortable in the clothing choice, range of motion of all extremities to put the clothes on and take them off, executive functioning to pick out an outfit, etc. We work with people of all ages to get dressed, according to their level of independence (hopefully it's also a priority for the client....otherwise it's pointless...which is a whole other post topic about the importance of a "client-centered" model of care).

These days, a lot of people are making choices about getting dressed (or not). I don't mean running around the house naked (like my children!). But having "day pajamas" and "sleep pajamas." Or athleisure. Or just different clothing choices than they made pre-COVID.

Are you one of those people?

I try to get dressed in an "appropriate" outfit for whatever I am doing at a given time or on a given day. But my fashion choices have definitely changed (probably for the WEIRDER). Somedays I am more successful than others. For me, it helps me to wear something that I knit. Today it's my ballerina crop top and nightshift shawl. Tomorrow I am sure it will be different and probably weirder.

I really liked this article, "Pandemic Dressing Takes a Dark Turn" in the nytimes by Reyhan Harmanci:

Sending love from my messy closet to yours.

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