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TOP 10 Occupational Therapy Happenings in the last 30 Days

1. We are finding the "Just right challenge" for growth and progress.....We are forgetting about perfection, for now. Our idea of perfection now, will likely change, as you and your family grows when using OT strategies.

2. Your serious levels of unbounded joy when you find practical and simple strategies to help your children. And how that becomes life-altering for everyone in your family.

3. A change in environment can spark major creativity. Whether it is a new clinic space (YAY!) or a new desk set-up for your child to engage in schoolwork.

4. It takes a first leap of courage to start something productive and meaningful. Make the call. Send the email. Do the thing!

5. We are all so adaptable and flexible when open to new experiences. Change happens fast when supported with the right tools.

6. Advancing skills for any task requires motor learning and practice to transfer to real life. All meaningful activities (occupations) take practice, especially some of those that seem most simple to adults (including eating and sleeping).

7. Every client gets their own, unique plan of care based on who they are and what they are doing. Every therapy session looks different, because every person is different.

8. STOP.....Collaborate and Listen (Thank you, Vanilla Ice). Join a team. Maybe it's a work team. Maybe it's a family team. Maybe it's a parent, therapist, child team.

9. Sleep Matters. All things sleep are discussed. Because how we sleep, impacts how we LIVE and GROW and PLAY while we are awake.

10. We can have so much fun while engaging in meaningful activities!

To join in on the fun and find OT strategies that work for you and your family, get in touch!

This is how our space looks right before a client comes to visit at PTRevolution. It's bright, refreshing, kid-friendly and COVID safe.

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There are so many things I love about this post. For starters, the Vanilla Ice reference and mostly because that is so much more MY middle school era than yours!! The strategies and change in environment pieces are so important and thank you for teaching and reminding us! The other evening, I got to listen to you identify a strategy working with our own kids and it was such an aha moment for me to witness. The environment piece is so part of my approach and I yearn for the chance to work in community in person - may it come soon! Thank you for being my teacher!

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