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My husband showed up on ZOOM with a "comb over"

Evon and I have been married for 15 years. 15 years of haircuts. 15 years of different stylists.

Not all of the styles have been good.

I think we can all relate.

Throughout the years, on again/off again, Evon has asked me to cut his hair. This is not an area of occupation that I find productive or satisfying....Ok-maybe a bit satisfying...But it is definitely not an area where I excel.

At first (15 years ago), it felt sort of romantic. We were living in Jerusalem. I would use a razor to shave his head on a patio overlooking the famous, Machne Yehuda, the shuk. Don't worry-it was far away enough that his hair clippings didn't fall into the produce (I promise).

Then, as our relationship evolved, he would ask me to cut his hair, and I would easily send him to the barber. We lived in bigger cities where there were plenty of barber shops. The stylist would do a proper job, cleaning everything up, as appropriate. The training definitely paid off. And as some of you know, Evon loves to talk....So for him, he loved having the candid audience. Now we live in a smaller town. He loves his barber who shares all kinds of great tidbits of Tahoe information with him. He gets his haircut....She talks....It's perfect.

Then COVID hit. WTF? Everyone in my house needs haircuts ALL the time. If you've seen my older son on ZOOM (who likes to be called "SIMBA"), you know that he is perfectly fine with his Lion's Mane. Not a surprise. My younger son doesn't really care. Also not a surprise. My long hair is so CRAZY, a pediatric client told me I should be "Doc Ock," the female villain in Spiderman. And then there's Evon.

A few times I have given him a haircut. I diligently watched YouTube videos with tutorials. I set up a chair on top of a trash bag to catch the hair. I set up the recommended tools. It wasn't great for my self-esteem, if I'm going to be honest. Every cut was analyzed. I left him with promises that the "cut" would look better in a few days. It always ended with me saying that "I will never cut his hair again."

Which brings us to the present.....Evon has been traveling for the past 9 days. He was home for a few days in between, to re-group. Before he left and upon his short return, he asked me (at the worst possible moments) to cut his hair. It's getting a bit scruffy, not gonna lie.

And then last night I saw him on FaceTime....AND he seriously had a "comb-over." This morning, it was a "mohawk" on ZOOM. Something needs to be done.

This is a Public Service Announcement to my husband that SOMEONE (I don't care if it's ME) needs to cut his hair. COME HOME. I will set up a spot on our patio and we can pretend like we are in Jerusalem, doing all the things.....


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1 Comment

This really made me laugh. So nice to have something funny to read these days. Rachel, you truly amaze me with all your many talents! You now can add barber to the list. Your boys are so very lucky! 😍🥰

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