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Finding your FLOW

As humans, we crave experiences. These experiences are meaningful activities (occupations) that make us feel "good." When we engage in these occupations we have a choice to be truly present.

The feeling of being truly present is called, by mental health professionals, FLOW. Have the last five months sheltering-in-place changed your ability to engage in your occupations that make you feel, truly, present? It could be because you aren't physically able to participate in the same activity (ie. can't go to the gym). It could be because you aren't physically present with the people you love (ie. family lives far away). It could be because you aren't participating in your work occupation (ie. no longer working). But maybe, you have other occupations that have adapted in a positive way. Or more time to explore how the occupations that you have always been participating in can serve as an activity to find your FLOW.

Here are a few ideas help you find your FLOW, during meaningful activities.

Ask yourself "what feels "good" about this experience?"

Ask yourself "how do you feel?"

Ask yourself "what am I experiencing right now?"

Ask yourself "why is doing this making me feel "in FLOW?"

Ask yourself "where is this activity taking place and why does this location allow me to feel "in FLOW?"

Identify the the answers to these questions. Try not to judge yourself or your feelings. And just enjoy the FLOW of the activity. Then seek more.....

Would you like to find more FLOW in your life? Comment, email, PM me and we can explore ways for you to find more FLOW together.

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