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Ergonomics for kids...Is that even a thing?

Have you thought about how you are going to position your child, so they can successfully learn at home?

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. This applies to humans of all ages, even our children. We can be more productive and comfortable if we have the right space to engage in our meaningful activities.

Think about where you are most productive. Is the light bright or dim? Are you working on a cluttered or orderly desk? Are your feet flat on the floor? Are you sitting or standing? Are your shoulders raised near your ears or down and back your spine?

These are just some of the things an occupational therapist may be thinking about when exploring the best work-site or school-site set up for an individual. The answers to the questions above may be different, and it is important to explore the answers to these questions to find the best positioning for you and your child.

Specifically for your child, we want to be thinking about the size of the desk and chair, while thinking about the size of your child. What is the child visually attending to? What is the background noise like? How high is your child's screen? Are his hands positioned appropriately on their keyboard and paper? Are her feet swinging or still?

There are no right answers, necessarily. Every human has different strengths, needs, body size and body "comfort position" to explore. An occupational therapist can help you and and your child to improve their attention to task, comfort level, productivity, and overall satisfaction with their school-based tasks and "school site."

If you have more questions or comments, please drop a comment here or send me a message. I would be happy to explore how we can set up your child for success at his/her new "school site."

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What do you think about standing desks? What about big balls to sit on?

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