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What I love MOST about being an Occupational Therapist

Today I received a phone call from my dear friend and coach, Tawni Janvrin. (Plug for Tawni: If you ever need any business coaching/consulting, she is AMAZING....find her contact information below) In addition to helping her clients maximize their success, she also plans beautiful events.

Anyways....she is putting together a fundraiser for a local organization focused on positive parenting, conscious discipline, and OT strategies for families. I will be a guest panelist. I am so thrilled to support the organization that I LOVE. More details to come....

She asked me such a thought-provoking question:

What do you LOVE most about being an Occupational Therapist?

My first thought was that I love "helping people achieve their goals." And yes, I do love that. But honestly, there are a lot of professionals out there who "help people reach their goals." What sets Occupational Therapists apart from other professionals is our ability to gain an understanding of a client's strengths, needs and priorities after listening to their health and wellness-related stories. I love when clients describe their lives, and we can work together to improve it.

When working with children, I can focus on their most important occupations: SLEEP, EATING, and PLAY. And then consider the family and peer relationships, environments, and contextual factors impacting their daily activities.

When working with adults, I can focus on their most important occupations that are sometimes forgotten about: WORK, EDUCATION, HEALTH MANAGEMENT, BASIC LIVING TASKS, SOCIAL PARTICIPATION, LEISURE ACTIVITIES, and SLEEP. And then consider family and peer relationships, environments, and contextual factors impacting their activities.


I can be super creative and challenged to pivot my career in different directions, as I grow and evolve as a human in all my own roles. This one hits big today.....Because it is my first day working solely as an entrepreneur. (mic drop)

I resigned from my previous position treating children through the public health department. I am so grateful for everything the position offered; flexibility, training, stability, colleagues, and most importantly the therapeutic relationships established with my clients and their families. However, I realized that it is time to move on to pursue a new path.

I am leaning in to growing my business, securing my niche, learning some new methods for practice, and meeting the needs of our community members. I am also leaning in to being present for my own family and supporting my family's engagement in their occupations. Also focusing on finding harmony practicing my own meaningful occupations on a daily basis.

I will post here about my journey in this new and exciting direction. I hope you will join me along the journey.

Here's Tawni's contact info!!!!

Here's a few photos from the beautiful, spring weekend....Family adventures to find waterfalls, and a lot of baseball. It was a success:

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1 Comment

You are so amazing! I love the pieces about creativity and working towards gaining an understanding of your patients/clients whole person including their relationships. Thank you for sharing!

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